Eltima Software Promotional Campaign Terms and Conditions

Eltima Software is always open to the new offers and will be glad to assist its fellow partners with the promotion of their products and/or bundles on the Eltima Software Deals page. If that is something you might be interested in, do not hesitate to contact our Marketing specialist Alex Campbell at alex.campbell@eltima.com to discuss the partnership further. Any cooperative bundles, cross-sells and mutual affiliate sales propositions are welcomed as well.


The standard duration of the promotional campaign is 14 days. Any other terms are discussed on an individual basis.

Payment Options and Terms

There are 2 available options:

1. Revenue sharing: our affiliate commissions start at 30% of the revenue generated as a result of the advertisement itself. Your share of sale is paid out at the end of the promo campaign via the agreed payment system (PayPal, Alipay, direct payment, etc.).

2. A fixed fee in the amount of USD 300 paid as an advance payment prior to launching a campaign.

At the end of the promotional campaign, Eltima Software provides the sales report and the list of license keys that have not been sold regardless the agreed payment option.

Sale Method

The selling of the promoted product is carried through the Eltima Software official e-commerce reseller 2Checkout.

Note: Selling the promoted products via the affiliate link or any other sales methods is discussed on an individual basis.

The promoted product and its license keys are added to 2Checkout database by Eltima Software.

Services provided by Eltima Software during the promotional campaign:

  1. The splash page illustrating the promoted product on the Deals page.
  2. A separate product description web page with the following URL layout: www.eltima.com/deals/product-name.html where “product-name” stands for the name of the promoted product.
  3. The product promotional email blast on Eltima’s user base within 3 days of campaign commencement.
  4. The promotion of the product via the social networks on the Eltima Deals accounts.
  5. Contacting editors on our database who agreed to cover our 2-week specials on their blogs, social media, news sites.
  6. Twitter Summary Card displayed on the promo page when the Deals page is twitted.

Eltima Software requirements for the partner:

  1. At least a 20% discount on the promoted product for Eltima Software clients.
  2. The license keys to the promoted product, which should be sent by the partner to Eltima Software beforehand.
  3. The icon of the promoted software (minimum resolution of 200×200 px.).
  4. A short description of the product (1-2 paragraphs) and a list containing its 5-10 key features.
  5. Several screenshots (4-6) illustrating the software’s interface. A video illustrating GUI and its usage is preferable.
  6. The email template for the newsletter via Mailigen (or the graphics which can be taken as a basis).
  7. High-resolution graphics for the product, which can be used as a basis for the splash page.
Note: Creation of the graphics and the template by Eltima Software designers is discussed on an individual basis.