What’s the Difference Between Site and MAS Elmedia Player Versions?

As of now we have the following versions available:

All App Store versions have stripped-down functionality due to the App Store restrictions. Particularly, they do not:

  • Save videos, including RTMP streams, and external resources required by SWF animations;
  • Download online videos and soundtracks

Set of Features Available in Different Elmedia Player Versions:

Available through our websiteAvailable through the Mac App Store
Elmedia PlayerElmedia Universal Video PlayerElmedia Player GOElmedia Video Player
Streaming local files to Chromecast-enabled devices (incl. 4K videos for Chromecast Ultra)-**+++–**+
Streaming local files to DLNA-enabled devices, for example Smart TVs (Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, LG Smart TV)-**+++–**
Streaming local files to Apple TVs (incl. 4K videos for Apple TV 4K)–**+++–**+
Buit-in subtitles search via opensubtitles.org++++++
Download from YouTube+
Convert Projector EXE files into the SWF format++++++
Browse the Internet from the app window using a built-in web browser++
Take screenshots or convert videos into series of images*++++
Audio equalizer with presets++++
A-B loop++++
Image transformation (rotate, flip, mirror)++++
Adjust video brightness, saturation, contrast, etc.++++
Save videos, including RTMP streams, from the web+
Control playback with Mac’s standard media keys++
Support for the Apple Remote+

*due to copyright issues it is not possible to take screenshots in the App Store versions of Elmedia Player during the playback of VOB files

**free version of Elmedia Player offers you video and audio streaming to AirPlay, Chromecast and DLNA-enabled devices for 1 minute only. For unlimited streaming you should upgrade to Elmedia Player PRO.

If you’ve already purchased Elmedia Player from the App Store but it doesn’t have all the features you need, you can get a 50% discount on Elmedia Player PRO from our website by contacting us at support@eltima.com.