How can I test optimization result in Demo version?

Though demo version of Flash Optimizer allows saving optimized SWF files in black and white palette only, you can fully evaluate the product before purchasing the license by previewing the output file quality in full color and seeing file info after optimization (including file size for the optimized file in full color) with Flash Optimizer.

To preview results of compression do as follows:

1) Open your original SWF file and apply optimization settings.   

2) Click “Preview Compression” button to preview general information about SWF file optimization results in “Preview Results” window.

3) Click “Show me the file” button in “Preview Results” window to preview SWF file after and before compression in Flash Player panel and compare compressed SWF file with original one. Please, use “Switch to optimized/original info” button to switch between optimized and original SWF files and “Details” button for detailed information about the file.

In order to preview results of compression performed with Flash Optimizer for Mac, please, do as follows:

1) Open your original SWF file and apply optimization settings.    

2) Click “Optimize current task” button on the main Toolbar to preview SWF file info before optimization and after (make sure that “Show SWF info after optimizationoption is enabled).

3) After compression process is finished, you can preview both original and optimized SWF files in Flash Player panel.

Thus, you can obtain all information about capabilities of Flash Optimizer with its demo version.

We hope you understand that somehow we should prevent using Demo version instead of purchasing the full version of the product. Thus we have disabled the possibility to save the optimized file in color.