Difference between MAS Folx GO/GO+ and Folx PRO from Eltima website

As you perhaps know, there are several versions of Folx: FREE and PRO versions of Folx that we sell on our website (you can see their comparison here) as well as Folx GO and Folx GO+ versions at the Mac App Store.

Folx GO and Folx GO+ have the same functionality.

Please, note that MAS versions of Folx (GO/GO+) and Folx PRO from our site are different products with different sets of features and different prices. So let’s compare these two products so that you can choose the best option for you.

As you can see from the below comparison chart Folx from the Mac App Store (GO/GO+ versions) has several limitations comparing to the Folx PRO version from our website. Due to Apple sandbox restrictions, GO versions of Folx do not download torrents and videos from YouTube and they don’t have torrents search feature. Also Folx GO/GO+ can’t control your Mac after finishing the scheduled downloads (shutdown your Mac, put it into sleep mode or quit the program).

For more detailed information please see the comparison chart below:

#FeaturesFolx GO/Folx GO+Folx PRO
1Splitting of downloads in up to ten threads++
2Scheduling the downloads++
3Integration with iTunes++
4Smart Speed control++
5Torrent Client+
6Search for torrents directly from the application+
7Torrent client with magnet links support+
8YouTube Video Download+
9High-speed downloading++
10Auto-resuming of downloads++
11Automatic catching of downloads++
12Smart tagging system++
13Control your Mac after finishing the scheduled downloads (shutdown your Mac, put it into sleep mode or quit the program)+
14Plugin for catching downloads in popular Mac OS browsers++
15File Manager for completed downloads++
16Quick Look integration++
17Add-ons with special context menu for Folx for all browsers++
18Various ways of adding downloads to Folx++

Also there are some differences in usage of these versions. Please see the appropriate user guides for better user experience:

If you have already bought Folx at the Mac App Store, but want to use the functionality of Folx PRO from our website, please contact us at support@eltima.com and we will provide you with a 50% discount coupon code for the purchase of Folx PRO.