Setting Folx as default torrent downloader in Opera

When you click a link to a .torrent file in Opera web browser, a download dialog will pop up prompting you to choose the way to download this torrent.

Opera has the built-in torrent client which is used by default. If you choose another torrent client, Opera will not let you remember this choice (“Remember choice and do not show dialog again” option is inactive). Thus, each time when you download torrents this dialog will pop up prompting you to use Opera torrent client.

Set Folx as default torrent client in Opera, as follows:

1. In Opera address bar type “opera:config” (without quotes) to display Opera preferences editor and click “BitTorrent”  to unwind Opera torrent client settings.

2. Uncheck “Enable” checkbox and click “Save” button.

3. Go to Opera Preferences -> Advanced -> Downloads, type “torrent” (without quotes) in the search field and click “Edit…” button.

4. In the dialog that pops up tick “Use plug-in”, select “Folx Downloader Netscape plug-in” and click “OK”.

5. Restart Opera and from now on torrents will be downloaded by Folx automatically when you click a link to a .torrent file in Opera.