Installing and registering HMF AX in VB

The steps to install and register Hide My Folders ActivX Control in a VB project follow:

1) Launch VB;

2) Create a new project;

3) Right-click the Toolbar at the left and select “Components”;

4) Navigate to “Hide My Folders ActiveX” and click OK;

5) Double-click the new button at the Toolbar to invoke a registration window;

6) Enter registration name and code, click OK;

7) There should be a pop up message informing that the key is valid and asking to reload IDE, click OK;

8) VB will pop up a message saying “License information for this component not found”, click OK;

9) Close VB;

10) Repeat steps 1 through 4;

11) Double-click the new button for HMF AX at the Toolbar to get our ActiveX added to a form in your project. Proceed developing your application with embedded HMF AX OEM.