Edit the HTML code of a website built with Show.kit

How to edit the HTML code of a site built with Show.kit

So, let’s suppose you have created a Flash website/intro/presentation with Show.kit 2.x. Now, when you are ready with editing the project and customizing the template, you can finally compile your project.

1) Open “Project properties” (in the drop-down menu after you click “Publish”) or go to “Preferences” (in project structure tree). Here you can choose Publish directory. It is the location on your hard drive where the compiled project will be saved. By default the location is something like: “C:\Program Files\Show.kit 2.1\Published\default\FlashWebsite”. You can change the default directory.

2) To compile the project use “Publish” button on the main toolbar, select which output you wish to receive (Flash website, presentation etc.) and click it. As a result the corresponding folder will be created in Publish directory you have chosen. If you go to the specified folder you will find two files which your compiled project consists of: Flash movie and HTML document. If you double-click HTML document your project will be launched in web browser. To modify HTML code open it with some text editor available.

3) If the “Build and run” checkbox is set (in the drop-down menu after you click “Publish”), the compiled project will be launched in web browser automatically (if the compilation is successful). Otherwise you will have to navigate to your Publish directory to start it manually.