Converting SWF file which contains Sprites to AVI

SWF & FLV Toolbox allows converting Adobe Flash Files (SWF) into most popular graphic formats such as Projector EXE, AVI, animated GIF and JPEG/GIF/BMP image series. To know more and download download free trial of SWF Toolbox visit: /products/swf-tools/

If you discover that converting your SWF file to AVI outputs a static video 1 second long, obviously your original SWF contains a Sprite or several Sprites with their own timelines. That means that once Flash player has moved to the frame with mentioned Sprite, it will play the sequence of frames which is not present on the main timeline, and in some sense, is independent.

SWF & FLV Toolbox, however, processes only the frames that are present on the main timeline and doesn’t detect Flash objects with own timeline. In some cases you may be converting SWF with just one Sprite that invokes its sequence of frames. In this case you will get the first (and single) image. To check the selected SWF file, please, refer to the information which is visible under the preview window. Most likely you will see that it contains 1 frame. In order to check if particular frame contains the Sprite, please, move the slider to required frame and check if the image is changing.

Solution: If you have found out that animation in your SWF file is implemented with the Sprite objects you should enable “Convert interactively” checkbox on “Video Settings” tab. It will allow you to capture and record animation as it plays on the screen.