Calendars disappeared on my Android device. What can I do?

This issue occurs only on the mobile devices running Android OS v. 2.1.

We would recommend you to upgrade to Android OS v.2.2 or later.

If it is not possible, please, use one of the following workarounds:

1. This method is suitable for those Android devices, which permit to manually create calendars on them. If not, please, use the second method described below.

  • On Android device, create manually calendars with the same names as in iCal on Mac.
  • Sync calendars between Mac and Android device using SyncMate.

2. This method permits to create on Android device calendars with the same names as in iCal via Google calendar.

  • Back up all your iCal calendars on Mac (choose File –> Export –> iCal Archive).
  • Delete all events in iCal, leaving calendars themselves.
    Tip: We would recommend using Delete all events –> Delete on this Mac options provided in iCal plugin in SyncMate.
  • Add one new event per each calendar in iCal.
  • Sync these calendars between iCal on Mac and your Google account.
  • Sync calendars from Google account to your Android device using the corresponding built-in functionality of Android OS.
  • Disable Android device/Google account sync.
  • Restore your calendars in iCal from the saved backup.
  • Sync calendars between Mac and Android device directly using SyncMate as you did before.

After performing the above listed steps, events should not disappear from your mobile device after restarting it.