Connection problems with Windows Mobile devices (SyncMate 4)

Please, note that the first connection should be established via USB

in order to install SyncMate driver on the mobile device.  SyncMate driver will be installed automatically.

If it doesn’t happen, please, check the following:

1) One of the possible reasons for connection failure is that Mac firewall blocks the connection or PDA firewall blocks driver installation. On Mac, try this:

Mac OS X v.10.5 Leopard: System Preferences –> Security/Sharing (Internet and Network) –> Firewall –> Allow All Incoming Connections.

For Mac OS X v.10.6 Snow Leopard: System Preferences –> Security –> "Firewall" tab. Click "Stop" to turn the firewall off.

We understand that setting your firewall to "Allow all incoming connections" is scary, but the fact is (confirmed by our testers and multiple clients reports) that Mac firewall’s behavior is somewhat strange.

Still, you can try to temporary allow all connections to make sure that the problem is caused by the firewall.

2) If you are using Windows Mobile 6, we recommend to enable "Advanced network functionality".

To do this, on your device go to: Start –> Settings –> Connections –> USB to PC.

3) Please, switch your mobile to a device mode.
As you perhaps know, the mobile phone can be detected by Mac in two modes: as a drive with folders or as a device (available for syncing). The mode which is to be enabled is called ActiveSync mode (or RNDIS depending on the device model). Go to Start –> Settings –> Connections –> USB connection type –> ActiveSync.

4) Set USB as the connection type:

Start –> Program –> Active Sync –> Menu –> Connections –> check "Sync all PCs using this connection" –> USB from the drop-down list .

5) Make sure that synchronization is enabled on your Mac:

Launch iSync –> Preferences –> Enable synchronization on this Mac

6) Please follow System Preferences –> Sharing –> Internet Sharing.  If  "USB Ethernet (en1)"  or "Win mobile device"  option is enabled, please, uncheck it. Then restart your Mac.

7) Perhaps, the access to your mobile device is password protected. Please, check it.

If  you’ve tried all the above solutions and still fail to connect, please, click "Can’t connect? Diagnose it" button in Device connection Wizard dialog to send connection logs to Eltima Technical Support Team and enclose detailed description of your issue in the message body. One of our Technical Support specialists will contact you ASAP.