I accidentally deleted some items on my device or a Mac. (SyncMate 4)

If you were performing synchronization of device in question and you Mac before and then accidentally deleted or lost some important data on one of them, don’t start syncing just now. Read this before starting syncing:

When you sync using SyncMate, it tracks all changes made on both sides. So if you modify or delete items on one of your devices and then perform bi-directional synchronization, SyncMate will apply all modifications on another side.

If you accidentally deleted data from your device, you can try to restore it. There are three possible solutions:

1. Press ‘Reset History’ button to clear syncing history (find this button at the bottom right corner of each plugin window). After this, SyncMate will act as if it syncs for the first time. As a result, the data that was deleted from one side and left at the other will be restored at both sides.

2. Before plugging in the device, go to SyncMate Main menu, choose Connections > Delete connection.

Select the required connection in the list: it is the connection of your Mac with the device, from which you accidentally deleted some data. In this example, it is the connection with a USB flash drive. Highlight this connection and click to delete it:

Now plug in the device, recreate the connection with this device, and choose “This Mac > Other side” synchronization direction. Click “Sync now” button to start the synchronization process. The data missing from your device will be synchronized from your Mac to the device.

3. Before plugging in the device, delete the required connection from the corresponding plugin in SyncMate interface. It is the connection of your Mac with the device, from which you accidentally deleted some data. Now plug in the device and recreate the connection (follow the steps, listed in item 2).

PS: If you’ve lost data both on your Mac and on your device try to restore it using Mac’s Time Machine.