How to increase sync speed (SyncMate 4)

between Mac and Android device

To increase sync speed when syncing data via USB cable between Mac and Android device (starting from Android OS version 2.2), do the following:

1. Connect Android device to SyncMate on Mac via USB cable. Read the instruction here:


2. On device, slide down the top menu.

3. Tap “Charge only” (Charge phone over USB) and select “Disk drive” (Mount as disk drive) to mount the device as a flash drive on your Mac.

Or you can go to Settings –> Connect to PC –> Default connection type –> Disk drive.

4. Now your Android device is connected in flash drive mode which permits to increase the sync speed.

5. Choose the required plugin in SyncMate on Mac, set the synchronization direction, select the data to sync and start the synchronization process.

This method is available only when syncing:

between Mac and Mac

To increase the speed of syncing process between two Macs, go to Connection settings plugin.

Check “Disable encryption for synced data” box. This will help to reduce CPU load and thus increase the sync speed.