Redistribution License (+ Chart Builder GUI) for Java Chart Designer

  1. The License can be deployed by an unlimited number of developers, on an unlimited number of systems that belong to the Licensee.
  2. The Software under this License may be incorporated into (or may be provided as components to accompany) software and hardware projects sold by the Licensee.
  3. The License cannot be used by the Licensee to develop a software application that would compete with products marketed by the Licensor.
  4. Software projects, sold by the Licensee, with incorporated version of the Software product, provided by the Licensor, do not require registration in user mode. Customers do not have to pay any additional fees upon purchasing or obtaining products the Licensee incorporated the Licensor’s technology into.
  5. The License is royalty-free, i.e. the Licensee does not need to pay a fee per every order of his product he incorporates the Licensor’s technology into.
  6. With this type of license the Software is provided with Chart Builder GUI.

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