How to mount Dropbox account with CloudMounter for Linux

To connect Dropbox account click Dropbox in the new connection dialog and follow the instructions:

Note: Personal (Basic and Pro), as well as Business Dropbox accounts, are supported.

By working with Dropbox through CloudMounter you get the following benefits:

  • your account is connected as a drive, and you can upload files as if moving them to a regular local folder;
  • you can mount multiple Dropbox accounts;
  • no need to have a Dropbox client installed;
  • if you do have a Dropbox client installed and its Selective Sync feature enabled, you can still access the folders that are deselected and not synced to your hard drive, which is especially handy if you have a Dropbox account with lots of stuff in it and a small local drive where there isn’t enough space to keep all your files.
  • Note: To mount Dropbox on Ubuntu stable 18.04 follow this link.