Installation of ActiveX control in Visual C++ 6.0

  1. Launch Visual C
  2. Create MFC application
  3. In any dialog window right click mouse button and select "Insert ActiveX Control…"
  4. Choose "Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control" or "Absolute Gradient Picker ActiveX Control" from the list of available controls


  5. Control will appear on the form
  6. Right click mouse button (or "Ctrl" + "W") and you will get to "MFC Class Wizard"


  7. On "Member Variables" tab in "Control ID’s" field choose our control and add variable for it by clicking "Add Variable"


  8. In "Member variable name" window type in any name you want to call it
    (In our case "m_color")
  9. Now you can get access to any field of the dialog using this variable