Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control Overview

Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control – is a component that includes two dialogs: color selection dialog and gradient filling dialog. The component is easy to use and implement in your projects. You will save time, money and get excellent results! You can make your project look great only within few mouse clicks. Our component supports Alpha-channel technology to let you choose transparency level for the chosen color and allows editing gradients – a great opportunity to make your project look more sophisticated and professional. Color selection dialog provides convenient and simple interface for choosing a color. Also, you can choose any color model you like among HSB Brightness, HSB Radial, HSB Hue, RGB 3D Sphere, HSB Hue2, HSB Pens, HSB Hexagons and HSB Palettes.
Color selection dialog contains nine tabs logically connected to each other. You can choose any color you like on one tab, change color saturation and brightness on the other one, and change the saturation of the red or any other of the color’s constituents on the third one. Compared to the standard color selection dialog (TColorDialog or its analog) this component has a number of extensions, such as the ability to set a color in HSB system, to support 32-byte colors with half-transparency. Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control is as easy to use as a standard color selection dialog. Having tried the component you won’t ever want to use anything else.

Main features list:

  • Contains dialog pages for different color models:
    • HSB Brightness
    • HSB Radial
    • HSB Hue
    • HSB Hue2
    • HSB RGB 3D
    • Sphere
    • Pens
    • Hexagons
    • Palettes (predefined color palettes such as Windows OS, Mac OS, Web Safe etc.)
  • Contains dialog to select color gradient
  • Ability to change transparency (customizable)
  • History of selected colors – up to 12 slots to remember (general for all dialogs)
  • Screen eye-dropper
  • Color in hexadecimal format
  • HSB and RGB Color constituents in decimal format
  • Full Visual Studio Designer Support
  • Full Borland Designer Support
  • Full Web Designer Support. Can be used in any environment that supports COM-objects or in .NET via COM interoperability
  • Full support of Windows XP visual themes
  • Samples for Microsoft Visual C#.Net, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual C++ 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.Net, Delphi 7, HTML