Common for all pages

  1. History of selected colors has up to 12 slots (both in Alpha-channel mode or without it).img
  2. Alpha-channel trackbar is located at the bottom. Ranging from not transparent color at the bottom to fully transparent color at the top.img
  3. Two rectangles: left – old color, right – the new one. Having doubleclicked current color box it will automatically added into history of colors.img
  4. Mini RGB and HSB color models. You can set them using scroll or the keypad. You can type in corresponding box or simply change the value (0-225) by pressing “up” or “down” keys on your keypad.img
  5. Below is a very useful thing – an eye-dropper. If you click the eye-dropper and while holding down the mouse button move cursor to any point of the screen, you will get the color of this point. Color Picker dialog window will be minimalized leaving only eye-dropper window active to get greater scope for selecting necessary colorimg
  6. Use buttons “Apply” and “Cancel” to apply or cancel the selected color.img
  7. Right-click anywhere in Color Picker dialog window to be able to customize dialog appearence:


  • add/remove some colors from history list
  • show or hide dialog window title
  • show or hide tabs’ captions
  • show or hide tabs’ icons
  • make certain tabs visible or invisible in Color Picker dialog window (Note: you have to have at least one tab enabled).