Elmedia Player Known Issues

Problems that may arise while playing back SWF files

  • Due to limitations of the WebKit engine and the library that Elmedia uses for playing back Flash files, the adjustments of the playback settings, available in Elmedia PRO, do not work for Flash movies and videos viewed via the built-in web-browser. More specifically, this applies to Equalizer, Video Tuner and the settings on the Audio and Video tabs in Preferences. As these limitations originate in third-party frameworks, rather than Elmedia’s native code, they cannot be held as a reason for a refund.
  • If you tick “Enable Flash Local Security” checkbox in Preferences (which is disabled by default), then every time when a SWF or FLV file on the web or on your local computer will try to access external data, Settings Manager will be invoked where you can specify security settings. Refer here for more information.
  • Flash animation does not pause though “Pause” button is clicked. There are several reasons why this may happen:
    1. SWF file contains Sprite objects, which, actually, perform the animation.
    2. At the precise frame, the current Flash movie loads external resources that run with their own time sequence.
    3. ActionScript, located in the frame, triggers certain animation sequences (usually Sprites).

    To sum it up, the main reason why the current animation cannot be paused is because some animation is not located on the main timeline. As the result, “Pause” option does not work as expected for such Flash movies.

  • If a SWF file contains ActionScript that triggers certain animation sequences (usually Sprites) or jumps to the certain frame, then “Back” and “Rewind” options may work incorrectly.
  • Sometimes it is impossible to move forward/backward to the specific frame of a SWF file using the corresponding slider or buttons. When you move forward or backward through a SWF file, Elmedia actually jumps to the next available key frame on the main timeline, but not to the specific inter frame. So, if the frame you want to move to is not a key frame, it will be omitted and the movie will be advanced or moved back to the key frame, neighboring the desired frame.

Problems that may arise while downloading online movies

  • Some services as Youtube are blocked in China. If you are using VPN to get access to such sites, Elmedia Player may not work correctly and we don’t guarantee that it will be able to play or download the videos. Our developers are working to add VPN services support in Elmedia Player in the future updates of the software.
  • Some SWF files don’t load external Flash movies correctly, and, as the result, cannot be played properly. This may occur if a SWF file requests external FLV using FLVPlayblack function call. For some reason this call bypasses the required procedures, and thus Elmedia cannot trace loading, and some external resources may be omitted.
  • At this moment, Elmedia supports capture of files transferred only over “plain” RTMP. Capture of files transferred over RTMP Tunneled (RTMPT), RTMP Secure (RTMPS) and RTMP Encrypted (RTMPE) is not currently supported by Elmedia.
  • Currently, Microsoft Silverlight streaming video cannot be captured by Elmedia.
  • Currently Elmedia does not feature downloading of live RTMP stream (e.g. stream from web cameras, etc.)
  • At the moment, Elmedia PRO does not support download of MPEG Transport Stream videos.
  • WebKit engine (which is used by Elmedia for correct work of some of its options, like rendering web pages), provided in Mac OS X package of version 10.4.X and less, does not support all HTML5 features. Due to this fact, web pages that contain HTML5 elements in their code, will be displayed incorrectly by Elmedia, including video on those pages. Therefore, media files may not be available for downloading via Elmedia. However, this problem cannot be an applicable reason for a refund, as it is not Elmedia’s fault, but a question of HTML5 support provided by older Mac OS X versions.
  • Sometimes files duplication is possible in the list of files which are available for downloading with Elmedia. It happens when files have additional parameters in their names (like the date or time). As these parameters change, the links change correspondingly and Elmedia treats them like the links to different files, though practically the file is always the same.
  • Sometimes a video is provided by a website in segments, but not in a single stream. Such videos can be downloaded by Elmedia, however the downloaded files cannot be subsequently played.
Tip: If during playback you notice the video getting heavily pixelated, freezing or disappearing altogether, try to disable the Hardware acceleration option in Preferences.