Control playback with Myo Armband

Elmedia supports Myo armband for playback control (play, pause, etc.)

Before moving further you should install Myo Connector on your Mac:

  1. Download and install Myo Connector.
  2. Connect a Bluetooth adapter to your Mac.
  3. Put on the armband with the USB port facing your wrist.
  4. Perform the sync gesture: gently flex your wrist away from your body. Myo will begin to vibrate when it recognizes this gesture. Hold this gesture for a few seconds until Myo stops vibrating. For more detailed instructions, please see this link.

To manage Elmedia Player controls:

  1. Go to Myo → Application Manager in the menu bar and add the ElmediaPlayer.myo script.
  2. Start Elmedia Player.
  3. Make sure the Elmedia window is active and unlock Myo with the DOUBLE TAP gesture.

Myo becomes locked for several seconds after the gesture is not recognized. So you should use the DOUBLE TAP gesture each time you need to unlock Myo.

Now you can use the following gestures:

double-tapDOUBLE TAP
Unlock Myo
spread-fingersSPREAD FINGERS
wave-leftWAVE LEFT
Go to the previous track.
If you hold the hand in this position, Elmedia Player will rewind a movie.
wave-rightWAVE RIGHT
Go to the next track.
If you hold the hand in this position, Elmedia Player will forward a movie.
make-fistMAKE FIST
Make a fist.
Decrease the volume – rotate your fist counterclockwise.
Increase the volume – rotate your fist clockwise.