Streaming FAQ


  1. Why the app doesn’t find my device that I want to stream to?
  2. I have multiple subnets in my home network. Would media streaming work for me?
  3. I have a firewall on my Mac. Should I adjust specific settings for it?
  4. Why the media streaming doesn’t work for me? What settings should I have on my router?
  5. My Mac went to the sleeping mode while streaming and the video/audio playback stopped. How can I fix that?
  6. My TV displays the error “Format not supported”. What should I do?
  7. When is the native playback possible on my device without any need to be transcoded?
  8. When is transcoding required?
  9. Why is transcoding too slow?
  10. Why do I have frequent buffering during the playback?
  11. Why does the playback stutter?
  12. Does Elmedia Player support subtitles when streaming to devices?
  13. Does Elmedia Player support multiple audio tracks when streaming to devices?
  14. Why seeking doesn’t work in some files?
  15. Can I stream 4K content?
  16. I started streaming audio / video to TV but the playback on TV won’t start. What to do?

AirPlay to Elmedia Player

  1. Does Elmedia Player support AirPlay Mirroring?
  2. Can Elmedia play the files protected with the DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology?
  3. Does Elmedia Player support streaming from devices running iOS 9 and above?
  4. I can hear nothing except the noise when streaming audio. How can I fix it?
  5. Can Elmedia Player control the playback on the remote device it is streaming from?
  6. The sound intermittently cuts out when I listen to my music through Elmedia Player. What may cause this and how to fix it?
  7. What if I cannot discover or connect to my device from my Mac?
  8. What ports are used by Elmedia Player for AirPlay streaming?
  9. Does Elmedia Player support ad-hoc networks?
  10. How to set a password and why might I need one?
  11. How to use Elmedia Player with AirPlay-enabled apps?
  12. Can I use the whole set of Elmedia Player features while streaming in player via AirPlay?

AirPlay from Elmedia Player

  1. Can I adjust audio volume with Elmedia Player while streaming to an Apple TV?
  2. Is it possible to stream audio from Elmedia Player to AirPort Express compatible speakers?
  3. What video formats can I stream to devices that support AirPlay?
  4. Are there any restrictions to the formats of audio and video files that I can play on my Apple TV?
  5. Is there any subtitles support for the files streamed from Elmedia Player to AirPlay-enabled devices?
  6. By using Elmedia Player do I have to install anything on my Apple TV?
  7. Can I use the whole set of Elmedia Player features while streaming from player via AirPlay?
  8. Elmedia Player on Mac makes me enter the passcode twice when I connect to AirPlay. How to fix it?

Streaming to Samsung TVs

  1. What models of Samsung TV are supported?
  2. Should I allow incoming connection on my Samsung TV when I stream to it the first time?
  3. The first time streaming video/audio to my Samsung TV I clicked “Deny” on the TV by mistake. Is there a way to remedy this?
  4. I can’t pause the playback. What does the error “701. Transition not available” mean?
  5. When I start broadcasting a file to the TV, the error “705. Transport is locked” is displayed. How can I fix it?

Streaming to Chromecast

  1. Why is my Chromecast / Android TV / Google Cast-enabled device not discovered?
  2. When I stream HD videos (mostly 1080p & above) to my Chromecast 1st & 2nd gen, the playback sometimes freezes. How can I fix that?
  3. Why is there no audio when streaming video to Chromecast?