Elmedia for Mac Version History

Elmedia Player for Mac 7.9(1924)
Released: January 24, 2020

  • Fixed: crashes when opening some videos from online platforms.

Elmedia Player for Mac 7.8(1897)
Released: December 16, 2019

  • Improved: search for Dutch subtitles through OpenSubtitles.org.
  • Improved: video tuner presets brighter/darker.

Elmedia Player for Mac 7.7(1843)
Released: November 1, 2019

  • Fixed: an issue with opening some online videos via Open Online Video.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements (thank you for your continued feedback!).

Elmedia Player for Mac 7.6(1831)
Released: October 1, 2019

  • Fixed: resize of the Player’s main window.
  • Lots of other minor fixes and improvements (thank you for your continued feedback!).

Elmedia Player for Mac 7.5(1825)
Released: September 27, 2019

  • Fixed: streaming to some AirPlay-enabled devices.
  • Lots of other minor fixes and improvements (thank you for your continued feedback!).

Elmedia Player for Mac 7.4(1812)
Released: June 25, 2019

  • Improved: GPU and power usage on some Macs.
  • Fixed: opening of some videos when using “Open Online Video” option.

Elmedia Player for Mac 7.3(1805)
Released: May 13, 2019

  • Added: possibility to pause a file once it is opened in player (“Start playback at a pause” option on the “General” tab).
  • Added: possibility to set audio output device from the main menu.
  • Improved: when streaming a high quality YouTube video after adding it for playback (“Open Online Video” option), the highest available resolution supported by the receiving device is set.
  • Improved: the current position of a playing item as well as the total duration now show up independently of the window size.
  • Fixed: keyboard hotkeys and mouse scroll now work correctly when “Show controls in a separate window” option is on.
  • Fixed: ID3 tags were not shown for certain MP3 files.

Elmedia 7.2(1765) from the Mac App Store
Released: March 11, 2019

  • Added: Touch Bar support (requirements: MacBook Pro featuring Touch Bar and macOS 10.12.2+).
  • Added: support for playing Blu-Ray Disc (BD).
  • Added: support for streaming Blu-Ray Disc (BD) over AirPlay/DLNA/Chromecast.
  • Added: support for opening MPEG4 files.
  • Improved: the possibility to add multiple files or folders to the playlist by following File → Open.
  • Improved: file sorting by alphabetical order when several files are added to the playlist.
  • Fixed: the accuracy of time seek on the video progress bar.
  • Fixed: displaying subtitles that contain combining characters.
  • Fixed: renaming subtitles downloaded from OpenSubtitles.org.
  • Fixed: making a screenshot from the first frame when the series of screenshots are made.
  • Lots of other minor fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).

Elmedia 7.0(1615) from the Mac App Store
Released: November 28, 2018

  • Added: streaming audio and video files to Chromecast, Smart TV and other DLNA-certified devices.
  • Added: vastly reworked interface.
  • Added: streaming settings.
  • Added: independent interface language settings.
  • Added: integrated search for subtitles through OpenSubtitles.org directly from the player.
  • Added: Flash files playback.
  • Added: an ability to set the background color for subtitles.
  • Added: an ability to disable screensaver during the playback, not just in fullscreen mode.
  • Improved: the process of preparing a video for streaming.
  • Improved: detection of subtitles encoding.
  • Improved: the playback adjustments (the playback speed, audio delay, subtitles delay) are now possible through the Playback Settings panel.
  • Lots of other minor fixes and improvements (thank you for your continued feedback!).

Elmedia 6.10(1413) from the Mac App Store
Released: September 5, 2018

  • Added: you can now set a preferred opacity of the subtitles text and their border color.
  • Improved: seeking, fast forwarding and rewinding are much smoother now.
  • Fixed: pixelation when fast-forwarding, rewinding or seeking in a video with hardware acceleration enabled.
  • Fixed: a static image display instead of a currently playing video.
  • Note: Deinterlace video enhancement settings were simplified; image enhancement option was removed.
  • Note: New version of Elmedia Player can be installed on the machines that are running Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.

Elmedia 6.9(1118) from the Mac App Store
Released: November 15, 2017

  • Added: new menu items for certain functions in the Dock (play, pause, next, previous, mute, repeat, shuffle).
  • Added: an ability to adjust the volume with the arrow (↑ ↓) buttons.
  • Fixed: the “Disable screensaver while in full-screen mode” option now works only when the file is played.
  • Other fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).

Elmedia 6.8(1096) from the Mac App Store
Released: July 3, 2017

  • Added: an ability to adjust the playback speed of the audio files.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).
  • Elmedia 6.7.1(1061) from the Mac App Store
    Released: February 16, 2017

    • Fixed: opening videos with the “Open Online Video” option.
    • Fixed: hiding the mouse cursor in the full screen mode.

    Elmedia 6.7(1055) from the Mac App Store
    Released: February 2, 2017

    • Added: support for OS X’s native full screen mode (the Interface tab in Preferences now has a “Full screen mode” option, enabled by default).
    • Added: support for VobSub (.sub/.idx) subtitles for videos streamed via AirPlay.
    • Added: the Swedish, Korean, Polish and Italian localizations.
    • Fixed: no image being displayed when streaming certain videos via AirPlay.
    • Fixed: a problem with video playback, where there was sound but no video.
    • Fixed: minor bugs in the interface.

    Elmedia 6.6.980 from the Mac App Store
    Released: October 5, 2016

    • Added: enable hardware acceleration to improve the quality of video files playback (Preferences → Video).
    • Added: the ability to increase/decrease the audio and subtitles delay in case they are out of sync with the video.
    • Added: the ability to load the subtitles file (.srt, .ass, .smil, etc.), either manually or automatically (configured with a Preferences option).
    • Added: chapters support for MKV files.
    • Added: AirPlay support (content streaming to and from compatible devices).
    • Added: support for subtitles and external sound tracks when streaming to AirPlay-enabled devices.
    • Added: set automatic loading of external audios: all tracks with movie name, same name as movie or all tracks in directory (Preferences → Audio).
    • Added: the preferences for selecting the preferred language for subtitles and audio streams.
    • Added: A-B loop to set specific segment of video/audio file and play it back in a loop.
    • Added: set default sound device (speakers or headphones).
    • Added: several new audio options:
      • set number of playback channels for stereo equipment;
      • enable passthrough for hardware decoders: AC-3 or DTS for surround audio;
      • enable virtual surround for headphones to combine multiple channels into two for surround audio;
      • enable virtual speakers for headphones to improve headphone listening experience.
    • Improved: when opening YouTube playlist in Elmedia (File → Open Online Video), all the playlist tracks are automatically added to Elmedia playlist.
    • Improved subtitles support: subtitles are now visible when opening YouTube video in Elmedia (File → Open Online Video).
    • Fixed: subtitles in Arabic were displayed left-to-right instead of right-to-left.