Customize Elmedia Player Window

Here are the ways to change Elmedia Player window to suit your needs:

  1. Use the following movie controls:
    • Always on top

      Click button to place Elmedia Player window on top of all applications active at the moment. This option is also available from Main menu –> View. Always on top” option is available for PRO version users only.

    • Detached/Attached view

      Click button to detach the Viewer window so that you can drag it to any place of the monitor. Close the detached window or click “Detached/Attached view” button to come back to standard mode of the Viewer window.

      Remember, that in detached mode of the Viewer window not all movie controls may be available for a particular file type. For details, refer to this section.

    • Full-screen view

      This option permits to enter full-screen mode of Elmedia Player. This option is available for PRO version users only.

  2. Use the buttons located in the lower right corner of Elmedia Player to hide/show certain areas of Elmedia Player:

    button hides/shows URL bar.

    button hides/shows Library sidebar.

    button hides/shows List.

    These options are also available from Main menu –> View.

  3. Choose the columns that will be displayed in List (Main menu –> View –> Columns):


    Type : the file format. See the list of file formats supported by Elmedia Player.

    Path : the file’s location. Read how to find out where your files are stored.

    Length : the file’s duration. It can vary for different file types. For example, SWF files duration is displayed in frames, and duration of FLV files is displayed in seconds.

    Rating : the file’s rating. Read how to assign a rating to a file.

    Play Count : the file’s playback frequency.

    Date Added : the date when the file was added to Library of Elmedia Player.

    Last Played : the date when Elmedia Player last played the file.

  4. Finally, you can resize Elmedia Player window manually by dragging its lower right corner.

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