Customize Playlists

To change playlist settings choose “Playlist” tab in Preferences in Main menu. The following options are available:

Go to next playlist item if:

    • the last frame is reached

      This option permits to find out whether the current movie has been finished. Once this option is enabled, Elmedia Player proceeds to the next playlist item when the last frame of the current movie is reached.

    • the frame number decreased

      Elmedia Player is able to detect the last movie frame when unexpected or unusual frame sequence happens (the movie was rewound and played from the start). Check this option if you would like to proceed to the next item in the playlist when such movie behavior occurs.

    • the player stays on the same frame more than …

      When you select this option, you let Elmedia Player jump to the next playlist item automatically if the movie stays on the same frame during the certain period of time. Elmedia Player gives you a possibility to set inactivity time of the movie manually.

Note: These options are applicable to SWF files playback only.

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