What’s New in This Version of Elmedia Player for Mac

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.3
Build: 4.3.8 [Released: April 30, 2014]

  • Fixed: rare cases of download failure of videos with cipher signature

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.3
Build: 4.3.7 [Released: April 01, 2014]

  • Update: now Elmedia fully supports YouTube HTTPS URLs that encrypt data during the account login
  • Added: downloading of embedded videos on YouTube

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.3
Build: 4.3.6 [Released: February 06, 2014]

  • Fixed: issue when demo reminder showed up even in PRO version of the product

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.3
Build: 4.3.5 [Released: January 29, 2014]

  • Added: 4K Ultra HD video support
  • Improved: Full HD video support

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.3
Build: 4.3.3 [Released: October 29, 2013]

  •  Fixed: application crash on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.3
Build: 4.3.2 [Released: September 26, 2013]

  • Fixed: minor issues when downloading videos from channels like Vevo, Ello, and the like

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.3
Build: 4.3.1 [Released: August 29, 2013]

  • Added: possibility to select the file format and resolution when downloading video from YouTube
  • Fixed: video download algorithms were updated for smooth and easy downloading from channels like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and the like
  • Update: Starting from 4.3 version, Elmedia Player no longer supports Mac OS X 10.4
Elmedia Player for Mac 4.2
Build: 4.2.168 [Released: May 22, 2012]
  • Added: Mac OS X 10.8 support
  • Improved: YouTube videos downloading (due to recent optimization of YouTube links building mechanism)

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.2
Build: 4.2.153 [Released: August 12, 2011]

  • Switching to full-screen mode fixed

Elmedia Player for Mac 4.2
Build: 4.2.152 [Released: August 11, 2011]

  • Improvements for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), including videos download and sound adjustment

Elmedia Player 4.2
Build 4.2.141 [Released: June 16, 2011]

  • Added: capture of streaming videos transferred over plain RTMP
  • Updated: blocking of pop-up windows can be now managed from Elmedia’s main menu

Elmedia Player 4.1
Build 4.1.114 [Released: April 22, 2011]

  • Improved: much higher speed of SWF files processing upon their adding to the library
  • Improved: better links catching from the web on Mac OS 10.4.8+(PowerPC)
  • Fixed: issues with SWF files display on some web sites
  • Updated: new Flash’in’App (2.6) for better SWF files playback

Elmedia Player 4.1
Build 4.1.107 [Released: April 15, 2011]

  • Fixed: kernel panic caused by behavior peculiarities of Elmedia Player driver on Mac OS X working in 64-bit mode
  • Fixed: activation failure on Mac OS X 10.4
  • Added: Russian and Traditional Chinese localizations

Elmedia Player 4.1
Build 4.1.102 [Released: April 4, 2011]

  • Added: possibility to run full-screen video on one monitor and work with Elmedia playlist on another
  • Added: possibility to download online videos which are embedded in web page via HTML5, QuickTime plugin (.mov, .mp4, etc. files) and Flip4Mac plugin (.wmv files)
  • Added: playback of VCD files (.dat videos)
  • Added: playback of Xiph-encoded files (Ogg/Vorbis, Theora videos)
  • Added: pop-up windows are blocked when watching online movies using Elmedia built-in browser
  • Added: quick starting guide for Elmedia Player
  • Added: German, Japanese, French, Spanish localizations
  • Improved: overall program stability
  • Improved: downloads are properly placed into Elmedia Library folders according to their download date : today, last week or last month
  • Fixed: application crash caused by absence of Verdana font in system
  • Fixed: cases when Elmedia Player components took up too much CPU resources
  • Fixed: minor cases of application crash on Mac OS 10.4 (PowerPC)
  • Updated: playlists can be also added and managed through right-click context menu
  • Updated: product registration is replaced with activation, either online or offline

Elmedia Player 4.0
Build [Released: July 6, 2010]

  • Added: support of all most popular media formats (SWF, FLV, Silverlight, Real files and other media)
  • Added: downloading of various media content from web (PRO)
  • Added: creation and smart management of playlists
  • Added: Growl and browsers integration
  • Added: multiple new features and enhancements (view User Manual for full overview)
  • Improved: overall performance, stability and usability
  • Update: absolutely new interface and new name of the product

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