Export/Import Playlists

Elmedia Player lets you export and import playlists with .epp file extension.

Exporting playlists may be useful for backup purposes. When you create a new playlist, export it to your Mac’s hard drive. Now, if you accidentally delete this playlist from Elmedia Player, you can easily restore it by importing from your hard drive.

You can also export a playlist and then import it to Elmedia Player on a different Mac, so that you can have the same playlist on both Macs.

All items from imported playlist are added to Library, if they are not there yet. Tracks from the imported playlist will be played only if they can be located by Elmedia Player on your hard drive, otherwise you will receive an error message. It happens because the imported playlist contains only the list of items (with the paths to actual files indicated), but not the actual files themselves. If you receive an error message, which means that the file was not located for some reason (for example, its path is different), you can locate this file manually by clicking “Locate” button:

To export a playlist, highlight it and choose “Export Playlist” from Main menu –> File. In the invoked window choose the destination path and click “Save” button.

To import a playlist choose “Import Playlist” option from Main menu –> File. In the invoked window browse to the required playlist and click “Open” button.

Note: Elmedia Player permits you to create and, thereafter, import playlists with concurrent names. So, when you import a playlist with the same name as already existing playlist has, it is recommended to rename one of the playlists in order not to confuse them.

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