Elmedia Player for Mac Overview

Elmedia is a multimedia player for Mac. Elmedia Player plays files of the most popular formats you encounter on the Internet.

Moreover, Elmedia Player is much smarter than that. You can watch and download online movies and videos, experiment with video settings, choose suitable playback mode and customize Elmedia Player the way you need.

Elmedia Player possesses simple interface with convenient playlist system, which permits to organize your favorite files easily. Playback controls are specially designed to manage your files with no effort: play, pause, forward and rewind, adjust volume and much more. Along with standard playlists, you can also create smart playlists according to different criteria – file format, download date, etc.

Elmedia Player:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) support – new!
  • Supports playback of the files of the most popular formats
  • Plays files from your hard drive or the Internet
  • Downloads online Flash animation and videos, and media files PRO
  • Plays files in full-screen mode PRO
  • Creates playlists and smart playlists
  • Searches through playlists
  • Takes screenshots of movie moments PRO
  • Converts a movie into image series PRO
  • Saves Projector EXE as SWF PRO

And even more features you’ll appreciate for sure:

  • Completely resizable and customizable player
  • Detachable Viewer window
  • Possibility to bring Elmedia Player windows on top over all other applications PRO
  • Live movie resize
  • Floating controls in full-screen mode PRO
  • Simultaneous file import
  • Automatic files playback
  • Handy control of playback quality for Flash movies
  • Possibility to change video settings
  • Growl integration
  • Advanced security options: forbid/allow Flash content to access the Internet
  • Browsers integration
  • Simple, intuitive interface

Free version limitations

Free version of Elmedia Player does not permit to:

  • play files in full-screen mode;
  • bring Elmedia Player windows on top;
  • take screenshots of movie moments;
  • convert a movie into image series;
  • download online Flash animation and videos, and media files;
  • save Projector EXE as a SWF file.

Visit our web site to acquire PRO version of Elmedia Player.

Supported file types

To see the list of file types, supported by Elmedia Player, refer to this section.

System requirements

Mac OS X v10.4 and higher

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