Convert Movie into Image Series

If you are a PRO version user, you can convert a movie into image series.

To make series of screenshots of a movie follow these steps:

  1. Choose “Capture” tab in Preferences from Main menu. Specify the destination folder where screenshots will be stored.
  2. Specify the screenshots interval in seconds by dragging the corresponding slider.
  3. Start playing the file.
  4. Now, choose “Make Series of Screenshots” option from Main menu –> Movie. Or click “Series” button at Additional controls panel:
  5. Screenshots will be taken according to the interval you’ve set (see step 2).
  6. Click “Series” button one more time to stop making screenshots. For this purpose you can also choose “Make Series of Screenshots” option from Main menu, or click button:
  7. If you choose “Always start capturing from 1st frame (1st sec)” option, capture will always start from the first frame (or from the first second for FLV files). In case you are watching a video file and click “Make series of screenshots”, you will notice that playback of the file starts from the very beginning and Elmedia Player starts capturing screenshots of a file.
  8. If you tick “Keep capturing in every next movie in Playlist“, Elmedia Player will capture screenshots of all files, located in the playlist.
  9. To view the resulting files click “Open folder” link:
Note: Screenshots will be saved in .tiff format.

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