Elmedia Player Uninstallation Instructions

To uninstall Elmedia Player, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the special uninstaller here:

  2. Go through the installation process of the Uninstaller. Click “Continue” button in the invoked window:

  3. Select the destination path for Elmedia Player Uninstaller, then click “Continue” button:

  4. Click “Install” to perform installation of Elmedia Player Uninstaller. To change the destination path for Elmedia Player Uninstaller click “Change Install Location”:

  5. To install Elmedia Player Uninstaller your administrator password is required. Enter your administrator password in the invoked window and click “OK” to continue.

  6. You will see progress bar showing the installation process:

  7. After Elmedia Player Uninstaller is successfully installed, click “Close” button:

  8. That’s it. Elmedia Player uninstallation is over. You do not need to reboot your Mac.

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