EXE Password Protector Frequently Asked Questions

I could see my_file.exe.backup file in the same directory where my original binary file is located. Would it be rather safe to store backups there?

The backup copy of the original executable file is created for the safety reasons and is optional. For instance, if you forget the password you were using to protect this file you may easily restore it from backup. Indeed, other users may copy it and use (in case they know what they are doing). We advise you to move these backup files to different location or save them on CD/DVD disks.

Will the password protection work if I copy my file to other computer?

Sure, it will work no matter what operating system you are copying protected file to, providing that this binary file is supported

How to inform developers if I find any problem?

You may call us using toll-free phone number (+1 202 335 8465 [CET]) or send an e-mail to support@eltima.com