Introduction for Flash’In’App.

Flash’In’App is a Cocoa framework that lets you load and fully manage Adobe® Flash movies, RealNetwork® RealMedia and Microsoft® Silverlight directly from your own applications for Mac OS X. Flash’In’App contains a set of classes, which provide any application with the ability to:

   1. play SWF files
2. manage SWF files playback
3. communicate with them via External API, FSCommands or Variables
4. control external resources loading
5. play RealMedia files
6. manage RealMedia files playback
7. play Silverlight files
8. and much more.

Flash’In’App classes enable your applications to interact with Flash Player.plugin, RealPlayer.plugin and Silverlight.plugin, as well as with SWF, RealMedia and Silverlight files themselves.


    • Flash is a multimedia platform originally acquired by Macromedia and currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Flash is commonly used to create animation, advertisements, various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications. Flash can manipulate vector and raster graphics and supports bi-directional streaming of audio and video.
    • Flash movie is file in SWF format, usually has a .swf file extension and may be an object of a web page, strictly “played” in a standalone Flash Player, or incorporated into a Projector, a self-executing Flash movie (with the .exe extension in Microsoft Windows). Flash Video (FLV) files have a .flv file extension and are usually utilized from within .swf files.
    • SWF (acronym of “Shockwave Flash”) – is a proprietary file format for multimedia and especially vector graphics. SWF is currently the dominant format for displaying animated vector graphics on the web.
    • SWF file – intended to be small enough for publication on the web, SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. SWF is also sometimes used for creating animated display graphics and menus for DVD movies, and television commercials.
    • RealMedia – is a multimedia container format created by RealNetworks. It is typically used in conjunction with RealVideo and RealAudio and is used for streaming content over the Internet.

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