Advanced settings

    • Use Flash Zlib compression(Flash MX+)

enables Flash embedded ZLib compression (arithmetic compression without quality loss), works only in Macromedia Flash MX and higher. It means that if you enable it, your movies will require at least Flash Player 6 to be viewed. To enable ZLib compression check the “Use Flash ZLib compression” checkbox and choose whether you wish to apply a mandatory compression or disable ZLib compression (“Mandatory extraction”) disregarding previous state of the movie.

    • Zero points optimization

looks for zero-points in a Flash movie and truncates their description in case it is not crucial for the movie.

For instance, after applying scales optimization, new shape may have some points with the same coordinates and therefore, curve has zero length.

At the left image above you may see custom shape. At the center image you may see same shape after applying scales optimization. A, B, C, and D are shifted to the nearest frame points. A and D have same coordinates so are B and C. As you may see at the right image, AD and BC have zero length, and can be safely removed.

    • Zero points in fonts optimization

looks for zero-points in fonts and truncates their description in case it is not crucial for the movie. Optimization algorithm is fairy similar to zero points optimization for a custom shape (described above) but applied to fonts objects.

    • Shapes styles optimization

Shapes contain information about styles (lines, filling etc.) of painting. If several shapes have same styles, redundant ones can be safely removed. However, some problems may occur in ActionScript.

    • Not used tags

looks for tags that are not used and truncates their description in case it is not crucial for the movie. It is recommended to disable this option in case your SWF file contains objects placed on the timeline from script.

    • Scales optimization

places the whole movie in one movie clip and reduces its size by simplifying most procedures and functions, recommended to be used only when Shapes and Morphs work properly for you movie and the positive compression is obvious.

By moving slider to the left edge of the gauge, you increase grid size thus new SWF shape can consist of lesser points, however, quality of the shape decreases proportionally. The left image represents custom shape that consists from several lines, calibrated to original frame. At the center image you may see original points shown red and new points shown as blue dots are calibrated to new frame. At the right image you may see that optimized shape is wider and taller.