Flash Optimizer for Mac OS Known issues

Below is the list of known situations that are likely to lead to optimization problems, but are not applicable reasons for refund:

  • Filters disappear after optimization of a SWF file.

This problem may arise due to peculiarities of Adobe Flash Player: if you apply zoom in action several times to a SWF file that contains filters, they are likely to disappear. You may fix this problem (if it occurs for optimized files) by setting Shapes Ratio, Shapes Morphing Ratio and Fonts Shapes Ratio values (may be found in Optimize objects tab) to something between 10-20% or completely disable Transform Shapes, Morphs and Fonts options in Current optimization set tab.

  • ActionScripts and Preloaders work incorrectly (or don’t work at all) after optimization.

This usually occurs if you have enabled “Scales” optimization option in Current optimization set tab (by default it is disabled). Please, turn off “Scales” optimization to fix this problem.

  • Optimization of On2 TrueMotion video is not supported.