Flash Optimizer for Mac Main Menu

The following menus are available:

1. Flash Optimizer

– About Flash Optimizer – brief information about current version of Flash Optimizer

– Enter registration key – register Flash Optimizer

– Check for updates – check for a new version of Flash Optimizer

– Preferences… – customize the program options:

This dialog provides options to show/hide optimization process details, show/hide debugger after optimization, delete current task if optimization succeeded, show/hide SWF info after optimization completed, zoom interpolation selection, manage preview window updates, control Flash Player’s security options and recover default presets if you deleted them.


Open selected file in Flash Optimizer

Hide Flash Optimizer – hide Flash Optimizer

Hide Others – hide other programs

Show All – show all programs

Quit Flash Optimizer – close Flash Optimizer

If you have unsaved tasks then a warning prompt will pop-up suggesting you to save your work.

2. File

Open – open a SWF file and add it to the Tasks List

Save – save currently previewed optimized SWF file under the default name

Save As – save currently previewed optimized SWF file under the user-defined name

SWF Info – helps you define most beneficial optimization parameters showing you all the contents and percentage of SWF format elements in the file.

Note: if none of the files are optimized, then SWF Info shows original file information; but if SWF file was optimized, then you will see both original and optimized file info.

Preview optimization – optimize selected SWF in the tasks list, and view main optimization information, like compression rates, time taken, etc.. Save optimized movie if needed.

Optimize All Tasks – optimize all SWF files in the tasks list and save them with the default optimized prefix.


Delete task – delete the selected SWF file from the Tasks List

Delete all tasks – clear the Tasks List, delete all pending SWF files

Reveal in Finder – navigate to the file in Tasks list using Finder

3. Edit

Edit menu contains the standard editing functions: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select all.

Compression settings:

presets – contains preset optimization settings

save – save current optimization settings as preset

save as – save current optimization settings as user defined preset

delete – delete current preset

delete all – delete all presets

4. Window

Compression settings – choose from a number of saved parameters

Show preview – show/hide zooming and preview panel

Players – defines whether you wish to work with two players having both files (original and compressed) in front of you, or switch to ‘One player’ mode which is more convenient in some cases.

Minimize – minimize Flash Optimizer window

Zoom – zoom in Flash Optimizer window

Bring All to Front – get focus to Flash Optimizer window

Flash Optimizer – shows which window is active

5. Help:

Launch Flash Optimizer user manual.