Task list

Tasks List hosts all SWF files user selects to be optimized. Since version 1.5 Tasks list has a new preview and zooming panel which let’s you easily zoom movies in/out and manage partial preview.

To add file/files to the Task List you may perform one of the following steps:

  • In Main menu click “File” menu option and select “Open”
  • Drag-and-drop file from Mac Finder into Flash Optimizer main window or into Dock Icon
  • Services-> Open File in Flash Optimizer

To remove file/files from Task List panel select file/files and click those while holding “Control” button. New menu pop-ups and you may remove selected or all files.

Apart of file names you may see file sizes before and after optimization (only if you have optimized it). This should help you select necessary compression settings to balance between good quality of Flash Movies and their size.