Flash Optimizer for Mac Video

    • Video optimization

“Video optimization” option enables/disables optimization of embedded video in your SWF files (the same as “Video” option in “Current set” tab).

    • Video bitrate

This slider lets you specify video bitrate value in the resulting SWF file. Bitrate is the number of bits per given time interval (usually per second), used as a measure of information flow. The higher the bitrate is, the higher video quality will be generated in the output file (however, you cannot obtain video quality better than the original one). Video bitrate value is ranged from 10 to 200 kBps. Make it smaller to reduce your SWF file size

    • Ratio

“Ratio” option allows you to define the proportion of the resulting video size (width and height) to the original one. The higher proportion is (slider moves to right hand side), the lower quality of the resulting move will be generated. So this is a kind of compression level, the higher it is, the smaller the resulting file will be.

Notice: If you would like to optimize embedded video without modifying frame size, please, set “Ratio” value into zero and customize “Bitrate” option.