Flash Player panel in Flash Optimizer for Windows

Flash Player panel is a place where you are able to preview Flash movies before or after compressing to compare original or already compressed movie.

Flash Player panel in “Compress only one file” (1st pic.) and “Compress many files” (2d pic.) tabs is different:

File size is shown in bytes near corresponding preview window. Please note, that first field shows you actual size without Zlib, second field reflects size on disk. “Click here to view detailed information” button, which is located below, displays addition information about movie’s actual size without Zlib as: Shapes, Morphs, Fonts, Actions, Images, Sounds, Video.

There are several control buttons on Flash Player panel: “Play”, “Stop”, “Forward” and “Backward”. Zooming panel which lets you easily zoom movies in/out and manage partial preview has been improved greatly comparing to previous versions. You are also able to change preview window look – hide details, show movie closer or vice versa. In this case, please, click  button. If you want to see original and compressed movie at the same time, please, click  button. Finally, click  button to fit movie to player area or zoom to original size.

After optimization Flash Player panel will reflect the result of compressed movie(s).

The result of compressing one file:


Click “view log” button to see if there were some errors or warnings while optimization.

“Show me the file” button reflects detailed information about original and compressed movie.

“Run SWF” button allows you to launch and preview an optimized movie in default browser.

Optimizing and the result of many files compression:

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