Images tab compresses images reducing their quality, rate, etc.

  • Compress images checkbox enables/disables images optimization.
  • Ratio optimizes Adobe Flash files, which contain bitmap images by resizing pictures. Ratio slider position indicates resulting image size in proportion to original size. That means that by moving slider to the left edge of the gauge, image size is decreased and, therefore, quality and sharpness are decreased proportionally.

  • Quality is the same as above, you may optimize Adobe Flash files by decreasing quality of JPEG images. If SWF file doesn’t contain any JPEG images these settings won’t affect resulting optimization.

  • Force to JPEG checkbox provides you with ability to convert embedded images as BMP, GIF or PNG to JPEG format. Just make this option active to use it.
  • Delete metadata checkbox removes unnecessary information about images, for instance: author details, time, keywords, comments, etc.

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