Flash Optimizer for Windows Hotkeys

Flash Optimizer features the following convenient hotkeys:

Brief Description
CTRL+1Switch to “Compress one file” tab.
CTRL+2Switch to “Compress many files” tab.
CTRL+PPreview compression without saving the resulting file to your hard drive.
CTRL+RStart compression of a current movie and save the result to the hard drive.
CTRL+LCompress all files in the Task List.
CTRL+ALT+IStop the compression process.
CTRL+OOpen a SWF file.
CTRL+FFit the movie to the player area or zoom to the original size.
CTRL+TSee the original and compressed movies at the same time.
F5Hide details, show the movie closer.
CTRL + “+”Zoom a movie in.
CTRL + “-“Zoom a movie out.
DELDelete the selected task in the Task List.