Settings panel

Settings panel has all necessary tabs to manage your movie optimization and is located at the bottom of the main window.
  • Main settings tab allows you to manipulate each option in the Settings panel (i.e. Shapes & Morphs, Fonts, Pictures, Sounds, Video and Format).
  • Shapes & Morphs tab gives you the ability to optimize shapes and morphs, delete unnecessary points and delete invisible morphs.
  • Fonts tab is used to compress fonts in movies (joining angles, curves straightening, etc.).
  • Images tab compresses images reducing their quality, rate, etc.
  • Sound tab gives you the ability to reduce sounds bitrate or ratio.
  • Video tab gives you the ability to reduce video bitrate and ratio.
  • Format tab provides you with access to “Zlib compression” and “Optimize zero objects” options.

/  button, which is located above the panel, enables/disables Simple/Advanced modes.

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