Flash Optimizer for Windows Sounds

  • Compress sounds checkbox

enables/disables sound optimization.

  • Sound bitrate slider

lets you specify bitrate value in the resulting SWF file. Bitrate is the number of bits per given time interval (usually per second), used as a measure of information flow. The higher the bitrate is, the greater the audio resolution will be generated in the output file (however, you cannot improve original sound quality). Sound bitrate value is ranged from 16 to 160 kBps for stereo and 8 – 80 kBps for mono. The smaller this value is, the smaller sound in resulting SWF file will be.

  • Frequency.

Here you may select sampling rate the sound in optimized SWF file will have. Sampling rate is the number of samples (per second) which is taken to convert analog signal into digital one. Higher sampling rate provides better quality reproduction, however it requires more space on hard disk. 44 kHz is an adopted standard for audio CD, video CD and MP3 files.

  • Convert to mono.

Enable this option if you want stereo sounds in your SWF files to be saved as mono (single channel). This can greatly reduce the size of your SWF movies. This option may greatly reduce output Flash file size without significant quality loss.

  • Optimize streaming sounds option

toggles streaming sounds optimization (by default, only event sounds are optimized).

Note, that Flash Optimizer lets you optimize ADPCM, MP3, RAW (uncompressed little-endian) sound formats and output into MP3 format.

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