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Flash Optimizer version history

Flash Optimizer 2.1

Build [Released: December 1, 2009]

  • Fixed: bugs in sound and video compression engines

Flash Optimizer 2.1

Build [Released: October 15, 2009]

  • Added: French, German and Spanish localizations
  • Updated: Flash Player Active X to version 10.0.32

Flash Optimizer 2.0

Build [Released: July 3, 2009]

  • Added: Flash 10 support
  • Added: new command line options
  • Improved: video and audio optimization algorithms
  • Fixed: some minor GUI bugs
  • Some other fixes and improvements

Flash Optimizer 2.0

Build [Released: December 27, 2008]

  • Fixed: bugs in images optimization engine
  • Some other minor fixes

Flash Optimizer 2.0

Build [Released: July 23, 2008]

  • Added: full Flash 9 support
  • Several image compression improvements
  • Improved: sound and video optimization is enhanced greatly
  • Fixed: minor bug in images compression mechanism
  • Fixed: minor bugs in morphs
  • Fixed: bug in BitLossLess2 images resizing
  • Fixed: minor bug in stereo sound optimization
  • Fixed: bug in compression when Flash Optimizer is used by a user with limited rights
  • Fixed: bugs in GUI in Windows 2000
  • Fixed: several other bugs and glitches

Flash Optimizer 2.0

Build [Released: February 29, 2008]

  • Added: Windows Vista support
  • Added: Flash 9 partial support
  • Added: command line is available
  • Added: video compression. Change video bitrate and ratio for embedded Flash video without significant quality loss
  • Added: force to JPEG. Ability to convert all embedded images to JPEG
  • Improved: totally new GUI. Glossy look and user-friendly navigation
  • Improved: sounds compression. From now you are able to compress sounds by converting stereo to mono
  • Fixed: several minor bugs and glitches

Flash Optimizer 1.48 [Build]

  • Better support of Flash 8
  • Fixed a glitch with reading SWF files with more than 8 gradient fills
  • Additional enhancements in sound optimization algorithm
  • General stability improvements in Windows Vista
  • Minor bugs fixed

Flash Optimizer 1.47 [Build]

  • Flash 8 is now partially supported
  • Pictures optimization now acts correctly when ratio is set into 0
  • Fixed an issue with some Flash 8 files that lost images quality when enabling Shapes/Morphs optimization
  • Plenty of minor and major enhancements

Flash Optimizer 1.46

  • Added the following localizations:Romanian





  • Some bugs are fixed

Flash Optimizer 1.45

  • Algorithm for 8-bit BMP images compression was fixed
  • Streaming sound optimization was improved
  • Optional streaming sound optimization is added to interface

Flash Optimizer 1.43

  • New superior algorithm for 8-bit BMP images compression
  • Optimization engine updated and enhanced
  • New SWF reading methods added

Flash Optimizer 1.42

  • Some post-release fixes
  • Images optimization engine updated
  • Some internal compression engine fixes

Flash Optimizer 1.41

  • New demo limitations: optimized files can be saved now!
  • Several post-release fixes
  • Some internal compression engine stabilizations

Flash Optimizer 1.40

  • Pictures optimization bugs fixed
  • True/High colored images compression enhanced
  • Several ActionScripts bugs fixed
  • New Thumbnails view in Files Explorer
  • Compression termination now works 100%
  • Several compression engine updates
  • Several interface enhancements

Flash Optimizer 1.30

  • Sounds compression added
  • Several critical core updates

Flash Optimizer 1.25

  • Reading, Dumping and writing procedures greatly improved and speeded up
  • A lot of fixes and engine improvements

Flash Optimizer 1.20

  • SWF recompilation speed increased
  • Mechanic ActionScripts optimization enhanced
  • Some additional improvements

Flash Optimizer 1.18

  • Player manipulations: zooming in and out, draging
  • In double-player mode the players are synchronised
  • Compression enhanced in many ways
  • More SWF editions supported
  • Fixes

Flash Optimizer 1.17

  • Buttons mechanic optimization enhanced
  • Spanish translation added
  • Some interface improvements
  • Some minor fixes

Flash Optimizer 1.16

  • Static Text optimization fixed and improved
  • Higher compression of large texts added
  • Buttons handling improved
  • Beta-tester license activated
  • Morphs optimization improved
  • Scales optimization enhanced and stabilized
  • Other minor fixes

Flash Optimizer 1.15

  • Fonts optimization algorithm stabilized
  • Sound disappearing after optimization fixed
  • Languages switching fixed
  • New mechanical ActionScripts optimization
  • Better images optimization
  • Demo version now does not allow saving optimized files

Flash Optimizer 1.14

  • Serbian and Croatian interface localizations added
  • New algorithm to optimize “Dynamic text” fields without HTML formatting (embedded in “Fonts optimization”)
  • Support of exclusive “Flash Player 6 only” SWF files added
  • Full support of ActionScripts (please, be carefull with Scales optimization)
  • Fixed issue with optimizing already optimized files

Flash Optimizer 1.12

  • German interface added
  • Mechanic ActionScript optimization added
  • Shapes optimization speed increased

Flash Optimizer 1.10

  • New totally customizable interface
  • Default layouts set
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • 3 languages already included: English, French (beta), Russian; more are coming…
  • New algorithm of truncation: Intellectual calculation by area (really fast)
  • Convenient attractive hints (can be hidden in the View menu)
  • Two/One players switch
  • Frame-by-frame comparison of original and optimized SWF’s
  • Design themes (currently 3)
  • SWF format support enhancements, support for 98% of all SWF’s created not only in Adobe FLash
  • Manual refurbished

Flash Optimizer 1.06

  • Splash screen
  • Text optimization stabilized (Text disappearing bug fixed)
  • All algorithms now work with almost all ActionScripts
  • Smart compression removed as useless
  • Default settings optimized

Flash Optimizer 1.05

  • Interface enhancements
  • Optimization stabilized, less CPU usage results in no FO crashes
  • Installation improved
  • Bugfixes

Flash Optimizer 1.04

  • Buttons, Alpha channels and background colors optimization bugs fixed
  • New optimization algorithm: “Not used shapes”

Flash Optimizer 1.03

  • All algorithms speeded up
  • “Truncate shapes” and “Truncate fonts” algorithms enriched by new method: calculation by length, which gives a triple acceleration
  • Embedded pictures known optimization bugs fixed
  • Shapes, morphs, fonts stabilized when working with ActionScripted movies
  • “Elapsed time” calculation during optimization

Flash Optimizer 1.02

  • Default settings changed
  • Interface refurbished
  • Optimization more reliable and much faster
  • Bugfixes
  • SWF info capability
  • Refresh button in FO explorer

Flash Optimizer 1.01

  • Shapes optimization corrected, optimizing is now much faster
  • Embedded bitmaps optimization stabilized
  • Better compression for vectors
  • Better compression for JPEG’s

NEW Flash Optimizer 1.0