Sets the callback function.

BOOL WINAPI FH_SetEventCallback(FH_EventCallback callback);

The function accepts a pointer to the callback function as an argument and returns TRUE in case setting of the new value was successful.

The callback function prototype:

void FH_EventCallback();
  • The callback function does not accept any parameters and does not return any values
  • The callback function is called each time when new events arrive, no matter whether the events queue is allowed or not (see FH_EnableEventsQueue).
  • In case new events arrive while the callback function is being called, the new call of the callback function is carried out only after the callback processing is stopped by the application.
  • FH_SetEventCallback function automatically allows or prohibits adding new events to the queue, provided FH_EnableEventsQueue function was not explicitly called before.
    At FH_SetEventCallback(func) call, adding new events to the queue is allowed automatically.  
    At FH_SetEventCallback(NULL) call, adding new events to the queue is prohibited.