Device Info in FlexiHub-DevKit

Device Info

jsonInfo: {
    "id_device": "id_device",
    "kind": "usbdevice"|"comport",
    "name": "device_name",
    "description": "user description",
    "status": "online"|"shared",
    "connect_info": {...},
  • id_device – the internal ID of the device in the system

  • kind – the device type:
    • usbdevice – USB device
    • comport – COM port
    • new types of devices in the future
  • name:
    • for USB devices: the name of the device with which it’s physically connected to the computer

    • for COM ports:
      • local: the name of the physical port on the computer
      • non-local: the name with which the remote port shows up on the computer (also, refer to COM info)
  • description – custom description set by the user

  • status – the device status:
    • online – available for connection
    • shared – the device is shared and connected to another computer
    • offline – the device was once connected, but now is unavailable. The local computer is waiting for the device to reappear to perform automatic reconnection.
  • locked – only for the device on the local computer: indicates the availability of devices for other computers in the account. If TRUE, the device is unavailable for other computers and cannot be connected to.

  • usb_info – only for USB devices. Refer to USB info.

  • com_info – only for COM ports. Refer to COM info.

  • connect_info – only for the devices which are connected to another computer.
    Contains the info about connection parameters. Refer to Connection info.