Downloading YouTube Videos

To download a video from YouTube:

1. Paste a YouTube URL into the Folx window and press Enter:

Note: To be able to download age-restricted and protected videos you need to be logged in on YouTube. On attempt to download such a video Folx will offer you to do this and will store your browser authentication in Password Manager for future use.

2. Adjust the download options as needed:

  • Tags: assign tags (if none is selected, “other” is assumed).
  • Save to: choose the download path.

    Select your own, or leave Automatic to let Folx set the download path based on the first tag you have chosen (these paths can be configured on the Tags tab in Preferences). Assigning more than one tag will not affect the download path; rather, in each of the directories set for these tags a link to the file will be created.

  • Start: specify whether the download should start automatically, manually or on schedule.
  • Quality: select the preferred video format.

    The format choice depends on your needs – the device you want to play the file on and the media player you will use for playback. A lower resolution is more appropriate for playback on mobile devices, whearas high-definition video is best suited for larger desktop displays.

    If you need sound only, choose audio.

  • Description: set a custom description for the video you are downloading.

    Once downloaded, the file will become searchable by this description in Spotlight. To view the description as well as the assigned tags, locate the file in Finder, select Get Info from the right-click menu and check the Comments section.

3. Click OK to finish adding the task.