Quick Implementation Guide

Implement and embed Hide My Folders ActiveX Control into your app:

  • Generate application ID by GUIDGen.exe which uniquely identifies your application (which you will use Hide My Folders ActiveX Control for).

    For instance: 18209230-8CD7-4c32-A7B9-C5938A61908F.

    Note: This step should be done on the developer’s PC.

  • While creating the application’s main form or window (FormLoad(), OnInitDialog(), OnCreate(), etc.), call SetCurrentHidingEngine method with generated ID as parameter.

    Note: This step should be done on the developer’s PC.

  • Use any method or property provided by Hide My Folder ActiveX within your application.
  • Include ActiveX registration step into your installation procedure. Regsvr32 should be called with the application ID you have generated during step one (for instance: 18209230-8CD7-4c32-A7B9-C5938A61908F).

    Note: This code should be executed on the client’s machine during the installation procedure.

Note: Other Hide My Folders ActiveX versions should be uninstalled on your end-users’ machines where your end-product with integrated Hide My Folders ActiveX technology will be installed.