IsFileHidden method description

IsFileHidden method verifies whether the file object, passed as parameter to this function, is hidden.  

BOOL IsFileHidden(
 BSTR strFileName,

  strFileName     [in] Null-terminated OLE string that specifies the name of the hiding object, such as file, directory or hiding mask.
Return Values 
IsFileHide method returns TRUE if file object is in the hidden list, object’s state is TRUE and IsHidingEnable state is True as well. Alternatively, the method returns FALSE.
  "Null-terminated string" term is discussed here. We strongly recommend you to read article Naming file objects before using our ActiveX control.

Code Example

// Test Windows Notepad executable file state

extern CHideMyFoldersAx m_ctrlHMFAx;


// notepad.exe is successfully hidden


// notepad.exe is not hidden

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