SetCurrentHidingEngine method

SetCurrentHidingEngine method associates a Hiding Engine instance with the certain application. As the result several applications that use the same ActiveX Control can co-exist on a single PC without interfering with each other. This method accepts unique application identifier (usually GUID) as parameter.  

BOOL SetCurrentHidingEngine(
 BSTR strApplicationId

  strApplicationId     [in] Parameter contains unique string which uniquely identifies the application you want to use HMF AX for.
Return Values
  SetCurrentHidingEngine method returns TRUE if hiding engine was successful associated with the specified GUID and FALSE otherwise.
  SetCurrentHidingEngine method should be called prior to any other HMFAX methods and properties.

Code example

extern CHideMyFoldersAx m_ctrlHMFAx;

if (!m_ctrlHMFAx.SetCurrentHidingEngine(_T("MyApplicationIdString")))

MessageBox(0, _T("You must install hiding engine before using it."), 0, MB_OK);