Hide My Folders Main menu. User Guide

Menu provides convenient access to all program’s features and has the following items:

  1. File

    File menu contains operations that are related to files/folders management and is further divided into the following entries:

    • Add item

      “Add item” menu has three submenus:

      • Add selected (default)

        Add files selected in “File and Folders” panel to Hide List.

      • Add folders

        Add folders selected in “File and Folders” panel to Hide List. All files and subdirectories located within selected folders will be added too.

      • Add mask

        Add mask will launch “Add mask” dialog where you may type in the mask (a sequence of special characters) to specify multiple files/folders whose names are matched against mask’s pattern.

    • Add predefined

      “Add predefined” menu option allows you to hide Windows-specific folders:

      • My Documents

        Add files located in “My Documents” for this user (“C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\”).

      • Cookies

        Add files located in “Cookies” folder for current user (“C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Cookies\”).

      • Desktop content

        Add files located in “Desktop” folder for current user (“C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Desktop\”).

      • Windows Favorites

        Add files located in “Favorites” folder for current user (“C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Favorites\”).

      • Start menu

        Add files located in “Start Menu” folder for current user (“C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Start Menu\”).

      Please, note that those menu items that are already hidden will be grayed and therefore inaccessible.

    • Clear list

      Remove all files and folders from Hide List. Note: if Hide List is empty “Clear list” option will be inaccessible (grayed out).

    • Preferences

      This menu item lets you set/change a password which will be requested at program start. In order to change the password you have to provide old password. By default the password is not set.
      “Safe mode activity” checkbox allows you to modify Hide My Folders behavior in Windows Safe Mode. By default, Hide My Folders doesn’t work in Safe Mode and all files are visible. In order to enable hiding, please check this box.
      “Explorer’s content menu” checkbox, if enabled, adds “Hide with Hide My Folders” context menu item in order to quickly hide files and folders directly from Windows Explorer:

      Please, note that this menu option will be available for current user account only. That means that your accounts won’t see it.

      In advance, you may uninstall Hide My Folders from here. For better security, you should provide password to uninstall this program.

    • Enable hiding

      Enable Hide My Folders engine to start hiding files and folders on the list.

    • Disable hiding

      Stop hiding hidden items by deactivating Hide My Folder’s engine.

    • Exit

      Close “Hide My Folders” program. Note: if you have hidden files in Hide List they stay invisible after you have closed the program.

  2. View

    This option allows modifying program interface and has the following entries:

    • Standard toolbar

      Show (if this option is enabled) or hide Main Toolbar.

    • Status bar

      Show (if this option is enabled) or hide Status bar.

  3. Help

    • User Manual

      Launch user manual.

    • Homepage

      Visit “Hide My Folders” homepage (requires Internet connection).

    • Enter registration code

      Enter registration code to unlock the demo version. This code is sent to you after you purchase a license.

    • About

      Get brief information about “Hide My Folders” (version/registration info etc.)