To enliven your presentation with eye-catching effects use "Animation" dialog window.

To open "Animation" dialog window click "Options & Data" menu and choose "Animation" item or click "Options & Data" tab at Quick access panel and press "Animation" button.

"Step time (msec)" checkbox allows you to set time interval between chart objects.

"Animation table" contains chart objects list, stepping order, animation duration and type of appearance. There are several appearance types: Appear, Slide from left, Slide from right, Slide from top and Slide from bottom which you may choose from drop-down menu. In addition, Java Chart Designer offers scaling ("Scale X" and "Scale Y"), rotating and shifting ("Shear X" and "Shear Y") capabilities for all available options, providing more dynamics and transition effects for your presentation. To change the values for every chart object simply type in the required value in a corresponding cell or use up/down spinbox arrows. Please, note, that setting "Scale X" or "Scale Y" equal to "1" (one) will have no effect since chart object will pertain its size. By inputting different values the object’s size will increase/decrease proportionally. The rotation value affects the degree and the speed of rotation and is measured in Radians. Shear values affect the speed and swinging amplitude. By supplying negative values for one of the shear values will reverse the appearance side. We advise you to use "Step" slider to check the result of produced effects.

"Looping" checkbox allows changing animation behavior. You may set it to play once and stop (if option is disabled) or loop continuously (if enabled).

"Sleep time (msec)" defines the period between consequent animations.

"Finish steps" – defines the number of steps during which plotted chart elements disappear.

"Start" and "Stop" buttons start and stop animation for preview correspondingly.

"Step" slider displays the animation progress.

Please, note that to preserve animation effects you should save your project as Java applet or in .ECL format.