Setting chart footer

Chart footer usually provides additional information to your chart. To set/change chart footer click "Options & Data" menu and choose "Chart footer" or click "Options & Data" tab at Quick access panel and press "Chart footer".

Let’s overview each "Chart footer" window items closer:

  • Visible
          "Visible" checkbox allows you to toggle chart footer visibility. This control is replicated at "Options & Data" tab next to "Chart footer" button.
  •  Background color
          "Background color" allows setting background footer color:
  • Color preview shows currently displayed colors
  • Color tab consists of 3 buttons placed vertically. First and last buttons open color selection dialog to select colors that will be transposed one into another while middle button allows you to swap blending direction

      Color selection dialog offers a set of predefined colors, allows changing hue value for each of the colors constituents separately (RGB model) or composite color, turn on/off each of the color constituents as well as change opacity.

  • Direction tab lets you to select from one of the 4 different transposition direction: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal Up, Diagonal Down
  •  Number of cycles spinbox allows setting/changing transposition cycles. Assigning this value to "0" makes background color consistent

Click "Ok" buttons to apply selected colors to you chart or "Cancel" to close this dialog window.

  • "Text" field lets you to enter footer text that will be displayed at the bottom of the chart
  •  "Color" button opens color selection dialog (which is described above) to select font’s color
  • "Font" textfield displays currently selected font family, face and size. You may manually type in desired values or open font selection dialog (press "Fonts" button) in order to select from the list of available fonts